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CF2 computer systems
CF2 Getting Started Guide PDF 1.6 MB Rev 2.0, July 2005
CF2 Programmer's Manual PDF 484 KB Rev 1.3, September 2008
CF2 API Reference PDF 2.4 MB Rev 1.3, July 2005
Managing CF2 with PicoDOS PDF 1.8 MB July 2013

CF1 Computer Systems
CF1 online manual HMTL Rev 1.06, November 2000

Recipe and Sandwich cards for CF2 (and CF1)
BigIDEA IDE Drive Adapter Manual PDF 1.9 MB Rev 1.1, April 2002
R212 and R216AU datasheet PDF 397.9 KB Rev 1.3, August 2002
MRCP datasheet PDF 535.0 KB March 2010

Recipe and Sandwich cards from Oceanographic Embedded Systems
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Turn Key Data Loggers
CommLogger-CF2 manual PDF 829 KB Rev 1.3, Dec 2009
CommLogger-BBR manual PDF 329 KB Rev 1.2, June 2003

TT8 memory expansion
TT8-V2 (pin to socket) memory expansion
   CF8V2 Getting Started Guide PDF 400 KB March 2002
   PicoDOS8 Users Guide PDF 275 KB November 2000
   PicoDOS8 TxBasic PDF 250 KB November 2000
   PicoDOS8 ANSI C Guide PDF 225 KB November 2000

TT8 (elastomeric) memory expansion (not recommended for new designs)
    CF8 hardware manual HTML Rev 12, November 1997
    AT8 hardware manual HTML Rev 2, December 1997
    PicoDOS software manual HTML Rev 13, February 2002
    PicoDOS Release & Revision notes HTML for version 1.42, 8/23/99