Persistor Instruments Inc.


End of Life Notice and Last Time Buy Opportunity

Deadline for orders is June 30, 2017

March 31, 2017

Persistor has experienced a prolonged and dramatic decline in sales leaving us unable to profitably continue business with our existing products. In addition, we have decided that we cannot produce a viable successor to the CF2. Regretfully we are planning the dissolution of Persistor Instruments, and offering a final opportunity to purchase product before we close.

The deadline for orders is June 30, 2017. Orders after that will be considered but may not be accepted. We hope to deliver all orders before December 31, 2017 but we do not guarantee that delivery date. Some deliveries may not be made until 2018. From this day forward, our finished-goods inventory will be reduced to zero and after that product will be built to order and delivered generally on a first ordered first filled basis.

For financial reasons, payment will be required before deliveries after March 31, 2017. When an order is ready to ship, we will provide an invoice, and after payment has been received the order will be shipped. Some orders may require a non-refundable deposit before production will commence. And finally, to help ensure there are no misunderstandings, customers will be asked to sign and return our End of Life and Last Time Buy Terms and Conditions of Sale when placing orders.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and the short notice. Unfortunately we have not found another realistic alternative.

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