The CommLogger is delivered without a case.

The CommLogger began as an example application, and has become a popular turn-key data logger. The CommLogger-CF2 is really just our CF2 loaded with RS-232 data logging firmware and mated with a base board. It doesn't come in a nice case, and you have to provide the power, but it is otherwise ready to go. Attach the DB9 communication cable to an RS232 emitting device, power up, and the CommLogger will begin recording. Files are written to a CompactFlash card and are easily moved to your PC as standard windows compatible files. The CommLogger is a simple solution for recording sensors that output RS-232 data, or an excellent way to add memory to legacy loggers with small built in memories. A simple command line is used to change logging parameters.

The code for CommLogger is included in all CF2 starter kits so you can build your own from a CF2 starter kit, if you wish.

No programming required
Settable for all standard and most non-standard baud rates from 300 to 230,400*
Less than 2mA in default mode, not actively logging
Writes to CompactFlash (128MB standard, others sizes available upon request (not more than 2GB*))
Data files are auto-created at power up or reset
Data files are compatible with Windows or DOS machines
Power saving options including system clock speed and TXD / RTS control
Accepts 4 to 16 volt power supply
3 color LED indicates logging, memory filled, stopped, busy, or memory card inaccessible
"Finish" button allows you to request an end to the current recording session.
Settable RAM buffer size allows user to balance current drain against limiting memory loss

CommLogger manual

* A note about baud rates
The CommLogger is specified for continuous data stream recording up to 57,600 baud. Non-continuous data streams can be recorded up to 230,400 baud. At the highest baud rates, the memory card size and individual write characteristics may become significant. If you have a CommLogger application for baud rates above 57,600, contact Persistor Instruments for qualification.

* A note about CompactFlash size
The CommLogger application is compiled for use with CompactFlash cards up to 2GB. Persistor does not plan to support more than 2GB in the CommLogger.