R212 recall December 2003

R212s from serial number 136 to serial number 178 may be missing two capacitors. Serial numbers are printed on a small white label or written on the board in black pen. All of these will be Rev A printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards before revision A have an entirely different layout and are not affected by this recall.

The missing capacitors would have been installed between VREF and COM. Without the capacitors, the on board 2.5 volt reference may oscillate at about 2.8 volts which will cause noisy conversions of about 0.3 volts less than actual.

Misassembled R212 will be repaired at no cost and returned by 2nd day delivery where possible. Return your R212 to the address below. Be sure to include your shipping address. If you will be returning R212 from outside the United States, please use harmonized system code 9801.00.1012 on your export declaration and describe the item as "Merchandise being returned for warranty repair."

R212 recall
Persistor Instruments Inc.
254J Shore Road
Bourne MA 02532-4104 USA

Misassembled R212

The two capacitors with blue dots in the photo at right may be missing from your R212.

missing caps

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If you would prefer to fix the R212 yourself, add a low ESR 10uF @ 10 volt tantalum capacitor in the position shown at right, with the positive side of the capacitor in RF (VREF) and the negative lead in CM (COM).

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